Leather and turquoise cuff- Dark

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These cuffs are made out of Herman oak leather and real tyrone turquoise!

Tyrone turquoise has lots of beautiful green to blue colors in it. Please refer to the numbered picture to select which cuff you would like, each one is unique!

The leather I use is Herman oak tooling leather, it will gradually soften over time and will also last a very long time. Think saddle leather!

Cuffs have a snap closure and the measurements are as followed. Keep in mind that these cuffs are meant to be worn a little looser so sizes will fit a variety of wrists. 

measurements are from snap to snap:

Cuff 1 - 7.75 inches
Cuff 2 - 7.5 inches
Cuff 3- 7.75 inches
Cuff 4- 7.25 inches
Cuff 5- 7.25 inches